Project Team

In the EPSRC-funded project on the development of a generally applicable catalytic amidation reaction, we are currently investigating the mechanism of > chemistry, DFT calculations, and in situ reaction analysis. We are also synthesising and evaluating new catalysts using insights from our mechanistic studies.

Professor Tom Sheppard and Dr Richard Procter at UCL and Professor Andy Whiting at the University of Durham are working on the synthetic chemistry aspects of the project, including the synthesis and evaluation of novel amidation catalysts and the synthesis of possible reaction intermediates.

Professor Henry Rzepa and Dr Alexandre Dumon at Imperial College London are working on DFT calculations of possible catalytic reaction cycles to evaluate the feasibility of proposed reaction intermediates and the energies of the transition states in the catalytic cycles.

Dr Jordi Burés and Dr Carla Alamillo Ferrer at the University of Manchester are working on in situ analysis of catalytic amidation reactions to detect and characterise >

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